What to Look for in a Dash Cam

You’ve read all about the benefits of buying a dash cam and now you’re a little unsure about choosing the right dash cam for your car. There are a lot of options out there and all of them sound really good. Unfortunately not all dash cams are created equal. Here’s a little guide of what to look for in a dash cam so that you can make the right choice.


When we talk about quality we mean not just the quality of the camera but also the quality of video that it records. When you purchase a dash camera you want to find one that records in at least 720p. 1080p is a better option and anything below 720p just isn’t worth your time. The higher the quality of video the camera records then the higher the price but also the better for you. You wouldn’t want to use dash cam footage to find out who hit your car only to discover that the picture quality is so poor that you can’t make out the license plate!


The size of the dash cam can also play a major role in if it is the right dash cam for you or not. While most dash cams are pretty small there are also some clunky ones out there that aren’t worth your money. A good dash cam needs to sit neatly and not get in the way. It also helps if your dash cam is pretty small so that it can stay out of sight. Far too many cars are broken into because people outside can see goods (such as phones and dash cams) from outside of the car. The less stuff you have on display in your car the less likely someone is to break into it so keep your dash cam small, sleek, and hidden.


Memory is a very important piece of the puzzle. Simply put; the more memory your dash cam has the more footage it can record. Some dash cams come with reasonable internal memory and some come with room for a memory card. If you can you should buy one with a memory card slot as this gives you complete control over how much memory your dash cam has. If you want a feature such as parking mode then you need a lot of memory because that eats up a lot of space. Remember that the higher the quality of video the more memory it takes up. A 30 minute 1080p video will be bigger than a 30 minute 720p video.


If you plan on using your dash cam to track your speed and location (which is great for insurance purposes) then you need a dash cam that comes with GPS as this is how they do that. There are some dash cams that come with GPS built in and there are some that come with a GPS slot. If you know you need GPS then get one with GPS built-in. If you aren’t sure then get one with an optional GPS slot for if you change your mind. If you know that you’ll never need GPS then don’t worry about paying more for a feature you don’t need.