Anki Overdrive Takes Slot-Racing Cars into 21st Century

Lately, there were some voices against the self-driving cars, saying that this is something that completely takes all the fun out of being behind the wheel of the car. Well, wait ‘till they hear about the slot-racing cars and how much they’ve changed from the cars they’ve played with in their youth!

There is a great deal of nostalgia over the old Scalextric and they way those cars used to clatter all over the furniture and emit all those odors. Now, Anki Overdrive brings a completely new spin to this kind of car driving games. Some people say that comparing Anki Overdrive to Scalextric is the same as comparing a McLaren P1 to an Audi Quatro from 1980. This means that both of these games have pretty much similar or related basic components, but that the Anki’s game is so much more sophisticated.

The thing with Scalextric was the fact that it didn’t really have an application in the real world and the full-sized cars, while Anki Overdrive possesses the technology that will be visible in our cars in the near future. This is exactly why some people claim that this game is the first video game out there that’s been programmed for the real world.

Scalextric was being operated by physical hand-held controllers that have been connected with the circuit by wires, Anki Overdrive has the cars piloted by an app for your smartphones! The app is available for download from the app store, and after that, you just have to connect your phone with the cars through Bluetooth. Then, you need to select the race mode and how many players are going to take part in it, and you’re ready for the trial lap, where you’re going to get to know the circuit. Some people claim that this is a real glimpse into the future of real car operating, that are going to be driverless in the near future. Anki Overdrive’s modular track on which the cars are going to run is inked with a special ink and possesses optic technologies which allow these cars to scan it 500 times a second, which allows them to understand their position and to be controlled rather precisely, no matter what the track configuration is.

There are 3 car models: Nuke, Skull and Thermo. You start them by placing them on the start line and pressing the “start” button on your app. You get control over them at that point. People claim that the best races are the ones against the AI, which can take control of all the other cars but your own.

You can unlock various upgrades, weapons, race variants, modes and laps. You do this by racing more and more. The racing sounds you hear are made by your smartphone speakers, making this whole experience like driving an electric car.

The main controls do get a bit restrictive; most of your work involves switching car lanes, accelerating and decelerating, activating weapons and the power-ups. Also, the pace of the race isn’t as brutal as you might expect.

It is wise to set your track near a phone charger, due to the fact that the Bluetooth uses up the battery rather quickly. Another drawback is the weapons, which really aren’t that spectacular as their names make them out to be. Basically, whenever you shoot a rival, you just get a light on top of their car, making it stop.

However, not counting those little bugs, Anki Overdrive really is amazing in the sense that it offers us a glimpse into the future of motoring. It is a game that offers a feeling of a childlike wonder, no matter how old you are. The minimum recommended age for players is 8, but this does not mean that the grownups can’t enjoy it every now and then.

What to Look for in a Dash Cam

You’ve read all about the benefits of buying a dash cam and now you’re a little unsure about choosing the right dash cam for your car. There are a lot of options out there and all of them sound really good. Unfortunately not all dash cams are created equal. Here’s a little guide of what to look for in a dash cam so that you can make the right choice.


When we talk about quality we mean not just the quality of the camera but also the quality of video that it records. When you purchase a dash camera you want to find one that records in at least 720p. 1080p is a better option and anything below 720p just isn’t worth your time. The higher the quality of video the camera records then the higher the price but also the better for you. You wouldn’t want to use dash cam footage to find out who hit your car only to discover that the picture quality is so poor that you can’t make out the license plate!


The size of the dash cam can also play a major role in if it is the right dash cam for you or not. While most dash cams are pretty small there are also some clunky ones out there that aren’t worth your money. A good dash cam needs to sit neatly and not get in the way. It also helps if your dash cam is pretty small so that it can stay out of sight. Far too many cars are broken into because people outside can see goods (such as phones and dash cams) from outside of the car. The less stuff you have on display in your car the less likely someone is to break into it so keep your dash cam small, sleek, and hidden.


Memory is a very important piece of the puzzle. Simply put; the more memory your dash cam has the more footage it can record. Some dash cams come with reasonable internal memory and some come with room for a memory card. If you can you should buy one with a memory card slot as this gives you complete control over how much memory your dash cam has. If you want a feature such as parking mode then you need a lot of memory because that eats up a lot of space. Remember that the higher the quality of video the more memory it takes up. A 30 minute 1080p video will be bigger than a 30 minute 720p video.


If you plan on using your dash cam to track your speed and location (which is great for insurance purposes) then you need a dash cam that comes with GPS as this is how they do that. There are some dash cams that come with GPS built in and there are some that come with a GPS slot. If you know you need GPS then get one with GPS built-in. If you aren’t sure then get one with an optional GPS slot for if you change your mind. If you know that you’ll never need GPS then don’t worry about paying more for a feature you don’t need.

Why Is The GTX 1080 So Awesome?

Ok, on this occasion we are going to talk about gaming. And more precisely, we are going to discuss why the GTX 1080 by Nvidia is one of the best graphics card nowadays.

If you are a hardcore gamer or just getting started on this fabulous world, then this article is going to be very useful for you, because we are going to talk about this graphics card and why you should invest your money into it.

4K Gaming:

Do I need to say more? If you would like to use 4K-mode gaming, then you will need to use a powerhouse graphics card like this one. So far now it’s one of the unique options in the market that can handle 4k gaming beautifully.

Other cards do a good job, but we have to say that the GTX 1080 stands out from the rest. And it’s because it’s been built with top-notch materials and cutting-edge technology. All this has made it possible to craft such a great product like this one.

Maximum Performance:

If you really hate overheating, then you won’t have to worry about it with your GTX 1080, because it handles the heat very well. Again, it’s been built by the real top experts on the field, so you can expect to get the best performance from all graphics card with this one.

If you are a serious gamer, then you should get a graphics card that goes hand to hand with your level of expertise. If you are an expert CS:GO gamer, then you need to have something as good as the GTX 1080 in order to exploit your maximum potential.

You shouldn’t limit you talent and ability with a cheap and low-performing graphics card. In fact, for $600 it’s pretty awesome. So far now one of the best graphics card the world has ever seen.

There are people who make a living out of gaming, be it participating in tournaments or doing streaming and tutorials. The GTX 1080 by NVidia is going to help you to achieve your maximum potential, because your game will be able to run at a much faster speed and performance, which will make of you a better gamer.


If you have the money to afford it, then you should go ahead and get it. By far it’s the best buy you can get nowadays.

Thanks to this graphics card you will be able to level up your game. You will become a better gamer out of it, because now you will have the performance and power that’s needed to go from average to supreme.

But if you are running on a tight budget, then don’t worry, because you can still enjoy the wonders of the GTX 1070 for only $450! It’s not as powerful as the 1080 version, but it’s still good for that price.

That’s all. We hope you enjoyed this article and could see why the GTX 1080 is such a great graphics card!